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Auctions & Galas

For many schools, the auction is the year’s biggest fundraiser. It is often turned into a gala, an adult-night-out which includes dinner, a dance party, and live and/or silent auctions. These events require many hands, and PA/PTAs with experience holding successful auctions suggest starting the planning process months ahead of time, with multiple co-chairs. Below is a sample list of volunteer jobs a PA/PTA may need in order to pull the event together:

  • SOLICITATION: Collect donations from area businesses and individuals to be auctioned at the event.
  • CATALOG: The catalog describes all of the items that will be auctioned at the event.
  • GRAPHIC DESIGN: Help create the visual theme for the event – from tickets to posters to catalog covers.
  • TICKET SALES: Tickets are sold at school for about one hour each day during morning drop off.
  • PARTY PLANNING: Plan this year’s gala event. Decide on the menu as well as this year’s theme and décor.
  • SET UP: Decorate the room and set up the silent auction items.
  • CHECK OUT: Help distribute items to winning bidders and collect payment.

Some PA/PTAs use online companies to help plan and organize these events and manage online bidding; a few are listed below.

PTAlink has no direct experience with any of the companies listed, and is neither endorsing their products and services nor vouching for their quality and reliability.