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Flea/City Markets

The Department of Education allows PA/PTAs to run flea markets and City markets on school property in order to raise money for the schools. For schools with appropriate space, markets can be significant fundraisers. PA/PTAs may operate the markets themselves or contract with private vendors to operate them, and multiple PA/PTAs may jointly run one market. The rules regarding initiating and conducting flea and City markets are contained in Chancellor’s Regulations A-650, Flea Markets (CR A-650) and D-180, Extended Use of School Buildings (CR D-180).

Flea markets, as defined in CR A-650, are commercial ventures that:

  • are conducted on DOE property during non-school hours.
  • involve the sale of goods and/or services by private vendors.
  • provide the fees charged to the vendors for use of DOE property, and/or a portion of the proceeds from vendor sales, to the PA/PTA for donation to New York City public school(s).

City markets are commercial ventures that:

  • fall within the definition of “flea market,” but also provide additional societal benefits.
  • are operated by agencies established pursuant to a Mayoral Executive Order, such as the greenmarkets operated by the Council on the Environment of New York City.

A PA/PTA wishing to start a market must first obtain the principal’s approval and then the approvals of the Superintendent and FACE.