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Not-for-Profit & Tax Exempt Status

Generally, it is useful for PA/PTAs to incorporate as not-for-profit organizations and obtain tax exempt status, but doing so might not be necessary for every NYC public school PA/PTA. This section is intended to educate PA/PTAs about the steps involved in each process, as well as the benefits and responsibilities of being a not-for-profit and/or tax exempt organization.

The pages in this section of the website were written and reviewed by attorneys, but they should be relied on only to provide guidance, not as legal advice. The information is neither exhaustive nor all-inclusive; all PA/PTAs are different, and each requires an individual assessment of its needs and capacities. It is advisable to consult legal counsel for assistance with these matters.

Note that PA/PTAs are responsible for retaining their own attorneys: CR A-660 states that PA/PTAs “wishing to incorporate as 501(c)(3) organizations must retain their own counsel.” If your PA/PTA needs help finding an attorney, see the information below about obtaining free legal help from New York Lawyers for the Public Interest’s Pro Bono Clearinghouse.