New York City is marked by a high degree of racial and economic segregation, and issues of equity, especially equity in funding, are therefore of interest to many families. As of April 2021, students, families, and educators of New York City public schools celebrated the announcement that New York City would be able to meet 100% of Fair Student Funding (FSF). This means that every public school in New York City will receive 100% of the money owed under the Fair Student Funding formula which allocates funds based on the number and types of students at each school. The unprecedented and long-overdue increase in federal and state funding will be a welcomed and necessary investment to meet the educational needs of all of our students.

In this section, you can learn how parents have requested funds from local politicians and the DOE. This section also provides information on advocacy groups that work for quality education for all children, including several that are now shifting advocacy efforts from securing a full investment in FSF to holding the city accountable for transparency on how new funds are to be used.