CR A-660 requires that PA/PTAs maintain a checking account, which must be used for all transactions. Below are some other relevant requirements:

  • The checking account must be opened in the PA/PTA’s name using its EIN. (If a PA/PTA has difficulty opening a checking account, it must contact FACE for assistance.)
  • All Pa/PTA funds must be deposited into the checking account.
  • Every check must be signed by two officers. A PA/PTA’s bylaws must indicate at least three officers who will be eligible signatories.
  • Checks may not be written to “cash” as the payee.
  • PA/PTAs may not use ATM cards or withdrawal slips.
  • Documentation related to every transaction must be maintained at the school.
  • Any accounts other than the mandatory checking account must be authorized by a vote of the membership. (However, the checking account must be the PA/PTA’s primary account.)