Since PTAs are autonomous, self-governing bodies, required communications with DOE are minimal. In these mandated instances, interface with DOE is through the Division of Family and Community Empowerment (FACE), and CR A-660 defines several situations when a PTA would need to communicate with FACE:

  • a final binding decision) only in “extraordinary instances” when the PTA has been unable to resolve the dispute even after receiving assistance from their Presidents’ Council.
  • If a PTA is having difficulty opening a checking account, it must contact FACE for assistance.
  • PTA members may file a complaint with FACE to ensure the enforcement of rights granted in the regulation (for example, access to information regarding student achievement, school operation and the school-based budget).
  • Regarding reports of wrongdoing: any financial discrepancies or wrongdoings uncovered by an audit must be reported to FACE (along with the principal and membership), allegations of misconduct must be communicated to FACE and New York City School District’s Special Commissioner of Investigation, and allegations of criminal or financial wrongdoing or threatening behavior by an officer must be communicated to FACE as well as the police.

PTAs are also encouraged to reach out to FACE with questions or issues. To contact FACE or its staff directly, see the FACE contact page on DOE’s website.