About PTAlink

Mission & History

PTAlink’s mission is to improve the quality of education for all children in the New York City public school system by making parent organizations stronger and more effective. PTAlink facilitates the growth and success of parent organizations and builds a collaborative community across public schools by providing parent leaders with information, tools and support, as well as the opportunity to share experiences and best practices.

PTAlink was started by Brooklyn public school parents Rachel Fine and Lisa Ableman, with support from City Councilmember Brad Lander. Their goal was to ensure that all NYC public school parent organizations have equal access to the information and support they need to involve parents and enrich students’ educations.

From their own experiences and discussions with parents across the city, they realized that PA/PTAs at many schools were struggling with the same questions and issues. Parent leaders were reinventing the wheel in a range of areas — from fundraising, to legal and operational issues, to school activities. Many PA/PTAs were looking for a way to find out what other organizations were doing, and plenty of successful PA/PTAs were willing to share their best practices.

PTAlink addresses those issues: it provides easy access to the information, tools and resources parent organizations need, and allows for greater collaboration among them. With its emphasis on obtaining contributions to the website from parent leaders and PA/PTAs, PTAlink is more than a comprehensive source of information; it also provides an effective way for schools to learn from each other and share best practices, and creates a community of parent organizations that work together.