In 2024, education advocates and organizations are rallying to protect programs that had been funded with expiring federal Covid-Relief Funds. Over the last few years, the NYC Department of Education has been using $7 billion in temporary federal COVID-19 relief funds for important programs, such as 3-K, preschool special education, 450 school social workers, community schools, school nurses, restorative justice, 60 school psychologists, 75 coordinators working in homeless shelters, bilingual staff, translation and interpretation, dyslexia and literacy initiatives, and more. But the federal funds will run out in June 2024, and there is not yet a plan for what comes next.

PA/PTA members are important stakeholders in the fight for resource equity as PA/PTAs have valuable first-hand knowledge about these vital programs and how they impact students, classrooms and schools. PA/PTAs and Presidents’ Councils can be important voices in protecting these services from disappearing.

PA/PTAs and Presidents’ Councils Take Action!

  • Educate yourself and your school community on upcoming budget concerns. Use the Call to Action to learn more. Spread the word through flyers already co-created by the Emergency Coalition to Save Education Programs. The flyers are in our Google Drive “Materials for Fairs” folder here.
  • Join the Call to Action yourself! Join other individuals and organizations calling upon elected leaders to develop a plan to continue these essential programs. Sign the form at bit.ly/NYCCTA.
  • Advocate to State Electeds. Share the opportunity for parents to advocate at the state level by emailing their state legislators and other key decision-makers to make sure the final state budget has a substantial increase in funding for our schools to save important education programs.
  • Get more involved by letting organizers know your interest through the online sign-on form: bit.ly/SignCTA