Many PA/PTAs that are 501(c)(3) organizations procure a significant amount of money through matching gift programs. Matching gifts are those in which a company “matches” the contributions that its employees make to not-for-profit organizations. If a parent at your school (or other donor) who works for a company that has a matching gift program makes a contribution to the PA/PTA, the company will donate to the PA/PTA according to a pre-determined match ratio, usually 1:1. Many people do not know that their employers have such programs, so it is important for the PA/PTA to inform parents about them and suggest they consult with their companies’ Human Resources departments to find out whether a matching gift program exists.

If your PA/PTA is a 501(c)(3) organization, remind donors to check with their employers about matching gift programs any time you run a fundraiser involving donations from parents or other individuals. Consider including information about matching gifts in your appeal letters, donation forms, thank you letters, flyers, and/or website. If your PA/PTA has the capacity, you might offer to complete some of the paperwork involved.