Some PA/PTAs hold rummage sales, either on their own as part of a larger event, to raise money for the school. Families can bring in gently used items they no longer need and the PA/PTA can set up a sale of the items. The sales need PA/PTA volunteers to sort, organize, set up and sell. Advertising rummage sales in the neighborhood as well as to parents might be worthwhile, especially if you are able to hold the sale in the school yard. Some PA/PTAs sell baked goods and refreshments during the sales to raise additional money.*

*Keep in mind that if your PA/PTA will be selling food at an event after school hours, it must note that in the permit, per CR D-180. For events held between the time school begins and 6:00 PM, CR A-812 allows PA/PTAs to hold fundraisers involving the sale of “non-approved” food items once per month.