PA/PTAs often sponsor a photo day at school for students’ portraits and class photos. The PA/PTA signs a contract with a company that provides school photos and receives a portion of the proceeds earned. Some companies require that families pre-pay for the photos, while others send out proofs and allow families to purchase the photos after seeing see them.

Chancellor’s Regulation CR A-610, Fundraising Activities and Collection of Money from Students, governs the use of commercial photography of students as a fundraiser. Specifically, it holds that:

  • The decision as to whether this fundraising activity is to be used in the school rests with the principal after consultation with the executive board of the parent association.
  • The selection of the photographer is the responsibility of the executive board of the parent association with the consent of the principal. The contract is signed by the parent association.
  • The money from the project must be placed in the PA/PTA’s bank account to be used for the benefit of the children in the school.
  • A consent slip must be on file in the principal’s office for every child who is photographed. This consent slip should explain the reason for the project and should indicate the costs of the photographs. A signed order form from the parent can serve as the necessary consent slip. No child is to be photographed without his/her parent’s consent. Similar procedures are to be followed for group pictures.

Planning the photo day usually requires asking parents to volunteer to help. PA/PTAs often ask for volunteers to:

  • distribute notices, order forms, and photos
  • help teachers escort students to and from the classroom to the area designated for photos
  • assist photographers
  • collect payments and keep records

Some PTAs have used Irvin Simon, though PTAlink has no experience with the company and cannot attest to either the quality of its work or its reliability.