Chancellor’s Regulation A-660, Parent Associations and the Schools, pertains specifically to PA/PTAs and Presidents’ Councils. It sets forth rules governing NYC public school PA/PTAs, including:

  • establishment of PA/PTAs
  • PA/PTA bylaws
  • membership
  • PA/PTA elections
  • meetings
  • PA/PTA rights to information, use of space, etc.
  • budgets
  • checking accounts
  • fundraising
  • expenditures
  • hiring staff
  • record keeping
  • corrective and disciplinary action in the event of wrongdoing

In addition to CR A-660, a number of other Chancellor’s regulations contain provisions relevant to PA/PTAs, including:

If you have any questions or require assistance with any other Chancellor’s Regulation contact one or more of the following:

  • FACE (DOE’s Division of Family and Community Empowerment)
  • Family Leadership Coordinators
  • Presidents’ Council for your district
  • Parent Coordinator in your school