The Chancellor's Parent Advisory Council (CPAC) provides a way for parents to be involved in citywide education policy. It is an organization made up of the presidents of each Presidents’ Council in the city and the District 75 Council (or their designees). As with Presidents’ Councils, direct participation in CPAC is limited to its members, but meetings are open to the public. 

CPAC consults with the district Presidents’ Councils to identify concerns, trends and policy issues, and advises the Chancellor to help shape DOE policy. CPAC also provides guidance to the Presidents’ Councils and relays information on DOE policy.

Like PA/PTAs and Presidents' Council, CPAC has an Executive Board and is governed by bylaws. It also has a number of committees which include:

  • the Bilingual/English Language Learner (ELL) 
  • Special Education 
  • Title 1 
  • Legislative/Lobby Day 
  • CPAC Position 

CPAC meetings are held monthly at Tweed Courthouse (52 Chambers Street, New York, NY).