District Leadership Teams (DLTs) present an opportunity for parent involvement in NYC public education, but parent representation is limited to parents who have already been selected to serve in other leadership roles.

DLTs are mandated by Chancellor’s Regulation A-655 (CR A-655) to allow for the collaborative participation of parents, administrators and staff in school-based planning on a district-wide level. Each DLT is responsible for the development of a District Comprehensive Educational Plan, which includes educational goals for the district, as well as certain guidelines for the operation of SLTs. DLTs are also responsible for providing support, technical assistance and conflict resolution to their districts’ SLTs.

Mandatory members of DLTs are:

  • the community superintendent
  • the high school superintendent(s)
  • a Council of Supervisors and Administrators (CSA) representative
  • a United Federation of Teachers (UFT) representative
  • a DC 37 representative
  • the president of the district’s Presidents’ Council
  • the president of the borough high school Presidents’ Council
  • the chairperson of the Title I District Parent Advisory Council

DLTs may also include community based organizations and the president of the district CEC. DLT representatives are chosen by their respective leadership groups, but the presidents of the district and borough Presidents’ Councils are automatically members of their DLT.