The Panel for Educational Policy, or PEP, allows for parent involvement on a citywide level. Responsible for some of the most significant decisions affecting the education system, the panel votes on the Chancellor’s proposed education policies, including school co-locations and closings, DOE contracts over $1 million, Gifted and Talented programs, and the citywide school budget. The PEP also advises the Chancellor on general matters affecting the city’s school districts and its students.

The PEP includes 15 appointed voting members. Each borough president appoints one member, CEC Presidents elect one member, and the mayor appoints the remaining nine members. The Chancellor serves as an ex-officio non-voting member. The PEP is responsible for electing a chairperson from among the voting members.

The PEP meetings are open to the public, and scheduled meeting dates, minutes from past meetings and videos of past meetings are posted on the PEP page on the DOE’s website. Each monthly meeting includes a “public comment” section.