Presidents' Councils are made up of the presidents (or their designated representatives) of each of the PA/PTAs within a given jurisdiction and are intended to support their constituent PA/PTAs. Chancellor’s Regulation A-660 (CR A-660) requires the establishment of a Presidents’ Council for each of the 32 community school districts, each of the five borough’s group of high schools, and District 75 (citywide special education). While direct involvement in Presidents’ Councils is limited to PA/PTA presidents (or their designated representatives), meetings are open to the general public.

Presidents’ Councils are designed to support the PA/PTAs within their districts by:

  • assisting in the establishment of new PA/PTAs and the re-establishment of defunct PA/PTAs
  • providing guidance to their constituent PA/PTAs in technical areas such as bylaws and elections
  • identifying and promoting district-wide interests

According to CR A-660, Presidents' Councils are fully constituted by electing a president and a recording secretary. A treasurer is not needed unless the Presidents' Council intends to open a bank account.

Not all districts’ Presidents’ Councils are equally active and not all PA/PTAs participate in their Presidents’ Councils. To some PA/PTA officers, they are an underutilized resource. If you are a parent leader at your school and do not know about your Presidents’ Council, contact your district’s Family Leadership Coordinator or borough FACE office. A strong, functional Presidents’ Council can be a vital resource — guiding and supporting PA/PTAs, connecting schools, and helping them share resources and best practices.